"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

allowing space

Kat's 'Exploring with the camera' theme this month talks about allowing space in our photos. 
Space can be used as a frame, to help focus attention, to contrast...read more about using space as an element in photography in her post.

So, this week when I went to the zoo I made a special effort to allow space in some of the photos that I took...
I'm happy withe these shots, always good to go exploring with the camera.


  1. You did well with this Leanne. As I looked thru my archives, I see that I don't often leave space unless it's a big sky. I need to be more purposeful about it.
    That shadow shot reminds me of Brenda. My faves are the aquarium and the view with the bridge behind.

  2. This was a great topic to explore, and your photos are really good examples. I love that first one..so unusual in my mind to see mountain goats near a city skyline. Great composition!

  3. I too love the mountain goats juxtaposed against the city skyline - it really stop and wonder how this was captured. The shadow is right out of my playbook - I really like the way you have left so much negative space, allowing the lines and patterns to shine. And great silhouette against the aquarium blue.

  4. I always enjoy exploring with a camera too....I always learn so much. Your examples are great, I especially like the aquarium shot. How did you do those goats in the city?

    1. The zoo in Sydney is situated on the harbour, it's really beautiful, so at certain angles you can get the mountain goats + a harbour back drop!

  5. Looks like we both have the bridge this week... it makes for a wonderful subject doesn't it! I think you've really captured a special moment with the mother and child looking into the aquarium tank; you get a sense of awe and wonderment with all of that space.

  6. Excellent job...these definitely use "space" to add impact.

  7. Great photo's the last two speaks the most to me. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wonderful interpretations of allowing space, Leanne!
    I absolutely love the fence/shadow.
    Really simple, and really beautiful.

  9. Always great to have you exploring with us, Leanne! I like the first image, where the space lends a feeling of both height and depth, with the city behind the mountain goats. But I love, love, love the shadow of the fence. So simple, but it really made an impact on me. Excellent exploration of space!

  10. These are fantastic! I love that your set all came from the same day and place! I love the last one! All those fall colors against that beautiful blue sky is stunning!

  11. Such interesting shots. Really terrific.