"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


This month I joined instagram. 
I had resisted for a while because I thought it might just suck away my time.
And I can see how it could. 

But I decided to join anyway, and join in with fat mum slim's photo a day for September .
It's been fun. 
I've followed the prompt for each day, taken a photo with my iphone & shared it on instagram. 
I've taken a few other photos too, just of the things that I've been doing, often while I'm out walking.

So, below are the photos from the September photo a day challenge.
Sept 1-9
Sept 10-18
Sept 19-27
Sept 28-30 +daily prompts

Thought I'd link in with Brenda for the 3rd Thursday challenge.
A challenge to try something new (and I did).


  1. Leanne - I love this - it was a great challenge. And you succeeded wonderfully. Overcoming resistance - to something new, to something we think will be difficult - is so important to our creativity. Your collection of images is special and lovely. Thank you for sharing it with the TTC community and for participating in this month's challenge.

  2. I LOVE Instagram. Just wish I'd remember to use it more often.
    What a neat project this must have been.
    Love thes images.
    Have a wonderful beginning to your week.

  3. Oh...Instagram is fun! I too resisted for awhile, but now I'm in and enjoying it. I'm impressed that you joined and got involved with a prompt group right away.That sounds like a fun motivational spark to have. I"m off to check the one you mentioned out.