"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

a morning walk

I try to get out for a walk with the dog most mornings. 
As we get further into Spring it's getting warmer & more colourful. 
(although we've had a bit of a cold snap since I took these photos on Wednesday)

I love all the things that I can look at as I wander the streets.
Lots of shadows too, so I'm joining in here.


  1. WOW! These are all such beautiful images Leanne. Amazing how much beauty is right there before our eyes every day. So nice that you've captured it here xo

  2. Love watching your world turn to spring as autumn comes to mine. Love those red flowers that look like bottle brushes and the way you arranged the images into a collage.

  3. the red blossoms are unique and wonderful. thanks for sharing your walk with us!!!!!

  4. great set of shots and love your dog!

  5. you live on a lovely street. that vine-covered/shadowy door in the 3rd collage is simply splendid. you've given us the up/down/all-around perspective of your walk and each view is beautiful. happy day to you Leanne.

  6. What a lovely mosaic of photos!
    I love the rose bud, and the flowers laying on the brick walkway the most.

  7. Great set of photos Leanne. It really looks very nice, I guess spring has arrived!

    1. Oh, I love seeing these spring photographs!
      Our spring a long way away now. :-(