"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


:: love that Nick chooses music when he wants to chill out
:: grape tomatoes, yum - and they look a bit festive
:: James is so enthusiastic & persistant with his communication, I'm so thankful that he can make himself understood without words.
:: silver bells & balls
:: a dog's life- Poppy relaxing

Joining in at the Beetle shack


  1. lovely shots...the bright red of those grape tomatoes and and the shine on the bells. Love the hand shots of both the boys too.

  2. Such a wonderful gift you've given your boy by letting him learn an instrument. Will be with him forever. Gorgeous photos! And what a magic capture of James communicating with you. Wishing you a gorgeous week :) x

  3. Beautiful, I love that your boy chooses music to relax.

  4. Beautiful shots and words. Nice to meet you. x

  5. A wonderful series of tiny moments and perfectly captured memories.

  6. Great set of shots. Love the moments captured, especially your the hand shots of your sons.

  7. The first image is fantastic. And cherry tomatoes are one of my favourite snacks!
    x Laura

  8. love those hands on the guitar. Music- a wonderful conveyer of emotion.

    xo em

    p.s thanks so much for joining in ss

  9. Love the one of Poppy :) That's what I feel like doing right now.