"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

scavenger hunt

It's been a while since I've participated in Ashley's scavenger hunt.
 I've missed it.
So I checked out this week's prompts earlier in the week & this is what I've come up with. 

time to eat...

getting ready...
brushing my hair before heading off to work
(& my first selfie since finishing my {in the picture} project last year)

my children are at the age when this is what they play, although thankfully not an obsession, usually just when friends are over.

sweet dreams...
perhaps dreaming of chasing rabbits.

scrubbing brush on the kitchen sink...

It's very interesting how it just takes a bit longer when you're out of practise :)


  1. I enjoyed see what you found on your hunt. Love the sleeping doggy.

  2. I think you work here is great! I feel is so hard to take a 'selfie' now that {in the picture} is over - back to feeling silly, haha.
    Dog's sleeping are just the best, especially when they bark in their dreams :)

  3. Great shots! Love your selfie and the shots of the game controllers!

  4. Nice job with the photos. Your kitchen shot is very artsy.

  5. Fun shots...and spot on with the prompts. Happy Week!!

  6. Great shots for the prompts, Leanne.
    I especially love the selfie!
    Happy Sunday to you!

  7. Well, out of practice of not, you came up with a great set! Love that polka dot plate - makes for a happy lunch! And good to see a selfie again - you are one of my inspirations.

  8. Yay a selfie. Love the focus on the hand. That's a cool effect. Rabbit dreams for sure! With the feet that jiggle around and occasional sigh or whine. That square crop is so perfect for the first image.

  9. Great photos, I loved your interpretation of the prompts this week.

  10. Excellent choices and interpretations.

  11. Such fun - always - to see everyone's responses to the prompts. Love it!

  12. Wonderful interpretations of this weeks prompts! Love the contrasting shapes on your plate image!!

  13. These are great, love your selfie especially. It's ages since I've done Scavenger, can't seem to get it together at the weekend at all!

  14. Leanne, I really like your selfie. I was thinking of that just the other day. I haven't done any since the end of {in the picture}.

  15. Beautiful selfie! I've never done the scavenger hunt challenge before, I feel I'll never be able to complete the prompts but I think I will take up the challenge one day :)
    Wish you a great rest of the week.