"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, April 19, 2013


I've been  reading about dyptichs in a few places lately, here, here & here, so I though that I would have a go. 
First I thought that I would have a look at some photos that I had taken recently to see whether I could find 2 photos that worked well together. 

These flowers taken from different angles seem to work.

These boats, first the bigger picture, then closer.

Then, I thought I would try to take some photos in my front garden with the idea of using them for diptychs. 
Taking photos in portrait rather than landscape, & trying to think of photos that complimented each other without just being a photo of the same thing with a different perspective (as in the photos above).

This is what I came up with....
Looking down, looking up.

I quite liked these 2 together but I'm not really sure what connects them.

And I think this is my favourite.


  1. These are very clever Mrs Barnett. Thank you for your blogging tips too.

  2. These are gorgeous. Love them all, I think your favourite is my favourite too. Sometimes I think it can just be a feeling that links 2 seemingly unrelated photos - for me that's why the love stone and sunshine works beautifully. Happy weekend. :)

  3. I think they all work so well together, the rose and path are really pretty. I tried using just a free online picture maker but didn't do so well will have to get some better software I think.:)

  4. Leanne - I love these diptych examples. There are such storytelling possibilities when you combine different images together. Each of your different combinations bring something new to the story. I actually like the last two diptychs combined together - the Love stone, the path, the rose and the sun through the leaves. There is something very emotional about those images together and the way they play off one another to illustrate different ideas. Thank you so much for participating in the Third Thursday Challenge.

  5. I agree with Brenda, the last two are both fabulous. While the idea of diptychs appeals to me, I'm normally rather un-thrilled with the end result....leaves me sort of blah. I have to figure out what makes two images thrive off one another and compliment as well. You've found it.

  6. Leanne, these are beautiful!
    I especially love the second one.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Lovely sets! I especially love the rose and the path! It makes me thing of the path that leads to love. I like the looking up and down pair. One month I took two pictures everyday, one looking up and one looking down. It was a fun exercise and really had me thinking!

  8. I've been seeing diptychs everywhere too. It seems like a great technique to use to compare and contrast related items--my favorite of your sets is the one of the boats.