"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

stills:: this week

:: playing around with the 'a beautiful mess' app
:: some iphone shots taken while walking the dog around my neighbourhood
:: poppies & a bee
:: street art in Erskineville
:: red
:: meow! a random cat

Joining in with Em at the beetleshack


  1. Leanne, you've captured a few of my favourite things here, the poppies, the rainbow, the cat and the daisies. And that mural is fantastic! Great photos as always, hope your w/end was lovely too xx

  2. What a happy collection of stills. I especially like red - the interplay of the red flower/black pot with the red-framed window.

  3. Oh those poppies are just fabulous - I love their crinkliness and the surprise of finding out what's inside!
    The window shot is great too

  4. that poppy shot is glorious...it looks like the buds have come to life! xx

  5. Love the randomness of this collection of photos.
    {especially the poppies...great composition}

  6. Ha...before I read your explanation, I thought "I know that street art". My sister lives in Alexandria and runs a coffee business (Campos) in Newtown - so I know this area somewhat! It's a small world. Great photos.

  7. Love these, great set. Love the Beautiful Mess app and your rainbow really is magic! Love the poppies and the red geranium with the sill too.

  8. Always love your stills, Becs!
    Wonderful work on the two at the top.
    Happy day to you!