"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Monday, July 15, 2013

stills:: from my phone

:: winter is so beautiful in Sydney- a few cold & rainy days but often blue skies above the bare branches
:: a bike ride with Charlie & a beautifully colourful building to rest my pink bike against
:: a gigantic cloud while waiting to pick up James from an outing
:: Poppy in the shadows
:: brilliantly blooming magnolias as I was walking around the streets where I live
:: toppings at the ice cream shop

Joining in with Em at the beetleshack


  1. So lovely, gorgeous moments from your week : )

  2. Gorgeous shots this week Leanne
    Loving that collage of the bare branched limbs
    I'm just waiting for the magnolias to start blooming here - not long!

  3. Great shots. Love that bike against the aqua background and your shot of Poppy in the shadows is fabulous. Happy week to you. :)

  4. Beautiful photos - love the color tone of the bicycle.

  5. Really wonderful, Leanne.
    I love those magnolias!

  6. Wonderful set! I love the bicycle shot and the row of candy jars!!

  7. Simply beautiful! My favorite is the bike shot - such a lovely combination of complementary colors.

  8. It's amazing how wonderful phone photos can be! Very nice.

  9. The magnolias are so beautiful. I haven't seen any in flower down in Victoria yet, but I'm waiting... I'm waiting! I love the shot of your dog - look at those soulful eyes!

  10. Beautiful photos. It's been very un-Wintery this last week, hasn't it? I adore Winter in Sydney, too. Kellie xx