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Sunday, October 13, 2013

tawny frogmouths

Over the last 6 weeks or so we have been very taken by a pair of tawny frogmouths that have been nesting in a tree outside our window. 
Over the last week or so, we thought that the chicks must have hatched but we hadn't seen them yet. 

I love this photo below-
 I took it on Wednesday & only noticed the chick under the wing when I loaded the photo onto the computer on Thursday!

Since then there has been quite a bit of chick action- there are 2 of them & they've been quite active.
We love watching them. 
We are feeling a bit like proud grand parents :)

 A few tawny frogmouth facts:
::Tawny Frogmouth pairs stay together until one of the pair dies. 
::They breed from August to December. 
::They usually use the same nest each year. 
::After mating, the female lays two or three eggs onto a lining of green leaves in the nest. 
::Both male and female take turns sitting on the eggs to incubate them until they hatch about 25 days later.
:: Both parents help feed the chicks.
You can find more information about tawny frogmouths here

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  1. I adore tawny frogmouths! What a magical slice of nature you have had the privilege if watching. Beautiful!! x

  2. Oh, I love tawny frogmouths! You are so lucky to have them outside your window; I think that if we had them here I would spend all day with my face pressed up against the glass! =)

  3. What amazing photos, never seen one before.

  4. What fun to be visual participants in the creation of this new family.

  5. Wow. This is my first Tawny Frogmouth sighting!!!

  6. Oh they're really beautiful. How special they chose your place to nest, they must feel so secure there. Hope all well Leanne xx

  7. What great pictures of the owls....we had a couple in our street earlier this year....I just love them. My photos are here.


    Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia