"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

ten on ten

It's the tenth again!
Ten photos over ten hours on the tenth day of the month. 

Today has been a busy day.
A doctors appointment, visiting a childcare centre for work, dropping in on a friend (who has chickens) to be interviewed for her PHD thesis on policy & disability, discovered tawny frogmouth chicks, picked up my nephews from school & dropped Charlie to cricket training.

Lovely to have the camera with me to catch some moments in my day....

Joining in with Rebekah at a bit of sunshine.

ten on ten button


  1. What a treasure getting to see the lovely chicks!

  2. Another day of wondrous moments, forever captured. My favorite is the juicy orange - I can practically smell it!

  3. Love all the light-infused shots...and the coffee. Great capture!

  4. Please explain the blue table. Love love the oranges and having our first cricket season

    1. I can't really explain it max, it just caught my eye :)

  5. Wow Leanne! These are beautiful! The chicks!! And that first image is stunning xx

  6. Those oranges look so juicy! Lovely images.

  7. What a fun idea...and great way to really remember a day!

  8. You captured lots of great images in your ten hours. The baby birds, chickens, and oranges are among my favorites, and that blue table.... just lovely!

  9. Just found your blog through the Ten on Ten links. Gorgeous photos! Going to peruse the rest of your blog now...

  10. Every time I see your ten on ten it makes me want to join in. Then I forget. One day! That photo of the oranges is beautiful, as is the first one with the gorgeous light. xx