"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Friday, February 26, 2016

time out

Occasionally I feel the need to carve out some time in my week to just have a break. On my own.  No pressure to have a conversation, no pressure to work on the to do list- just time to sit, walk and swim, to relax and re-energise. So this morning I went to the beach, which is my favourite place, and sat and walked and swam. And I had a coffee. After an hour or two I was ready to return to the world.  

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

365 update

At the beginning of July last year I began a 365- a photo a day- with a theme for each month. Well, I'm nearly two thirds of the way through and I must say that at this moment I'm not loving it (which maybe why I've decided to post about it- perhaps  to give me the little boost that I need).

I decided to have a theme each month to make it more manageable for me (breaking it down into 30 day lots), but I have discovered that sometimes themes can make it more difficult. I really struggled with buildings & architecture even though I thought it would be easy- we were having building done at our house at the time so a few times I just took a photo of that.

However I've kept up with my schedule ( more or less) & I will continue for another 4 and a bit months. I'm thinking I will make my last themes quite broad or perhaps not do themes at all :)
So here are some examples of the last few months...

November- a month of building & architecture
December- a month of summer
January- a month of afternoons
February- a month of food

So, there it is- another week of food & then who knows what I will choose for March.

Click here to see some examples of the 1st four month

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

ten on ten

February ten on ten- ten photos over ten hours (or so) on the tenth day of every month. A series of moments in my day.  A walk with a friend along the Parramatta river, a stop for coffee & for lunch. This is a bit of what my tenth looked like....

6.16am    unfocussed light
8.39am    a fisherman under the bridge spotted while waiting for a ferry
9.43am   the cove dining co for a coffee stop- formerly a community hall for the nestlè factory(now a gorgeous coffee shop/restuarant)
10.42am vintage advertising
11.00am flying away
11.25am boats
11.38am city view
1.17pm  haloumi, pita and dips
1.39pm  valentines' day balloons
3.25pm instagram post from earlier in the day

Saturday, February 6, 2016

West head

This morning David & I went for a bush walk. We drove to West Head, then did a loop walk past Aboriginal sites, up to the West Head lookout, down to West Head beach and back to where we started. There were steep parts and flat parts- we crossed over a creek that led to a waterfall, we heard cicadas & birds, we saw beautiful native plants and giant bull ants. An excellent way to start the weekend.