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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

taking stock #7

It's been a while since I've done a 'taking stock' post (the last one was December last year) so I thought today is the day! A good summary of what I've been thinking about & doing recently...along with a random photo of some macarons that we had on mother's day.

Making : I'm still enjoying weaving little baskets -I finished my biggest one yet last night.

Cooking :I'm doing a fair bit of heating up at the moment chicken parcels from the butcher last night & pizza tonight. I think I need a bit of cooking inspiration.

Drinking :herbal tea- just had one called sweet dreams- lavender,mint,cardamom, liquorice (even thought its only mid afternoon)..

Reading: finishing off 'This is Gail'- a biography that's taking forever to read, not sure what to read next.

Wanting: to get to the gym in the morning-I started the year off going to a body balance class on a Wednesday morning but I haven't been for about 6 weeks :(

Looking: for a coffee shop starting with J.. I'm doing a little coffee shop project this year- going to coffee shops starting with all the letters in alphabetical order.

Playing: brain training games - although I heard on the radio this afternoon that its better to do yoga & meditation for good health (physical & mental) 

Deciding: to stop now.. I'm going to walk the dog to the station to meet David & walk back home with him- he's coming home a bit early this afternoon. I'll finish this later :)  maybe even tomorrow ..

Wishing: to be a bit more organised & productive

Enjoying: the cool autumn mornings (which really are only just starting -we have had quite an extended summer)

Waiting: to hear from a friend about some holiday plans

Liking: catching up with friends (old & new) for my #50daysofleanne  project- 50 fun things for my 50th birthday year

Wondering: how James has been- he's just spent 2 nights away, somewhere new, & I'm picking him up this afternoon

Loving: a clear desk top at the moment, my husband's handiwork (he's much tidier than me!) 

Pondering: life & relationships- there's always so much going on with the people in our lives

Considering :the best ways to spend my days (a nice combination of organised & productive alongside  slow, social & reflective) 

Buying: food (constantly) to feed my very hungry family

Watching: Bloodline - an excellent tv series on netflix recommended by the lovely Justine

Hoping: that we don't have rats in our roof- we heard a few noises last night

Marvelling: at the glorious autumn weather, cooler mornings but beautiful sunshine & blue skies during the day

Needing: to carve out some time to go somewhere to take photos, I've not really done that for a while

Questioning: my youngest about his day & receiving very short answers ( he's a teenager) 

Smelling: hand cream that I've recently put on (freesia & berries)

Wearing: jeans, stripy shirt, beautiful scarf & boots

Following:lots of interesting, creative  people on instagram

Noticing: how quickly time passes

Knowing: that I function better when I have a good night's sleep, some exercise & some fresh air

Thinking: how lucky I am that the $200 that I forgot to take from the ATM  the other day was taken back into the machine & has been put back into my account

Admiring: People who are articulate & thoughtful 

Sorting: through my to do list.. (and thinking about the things I should be doing now) 

Getting: hungry- perhaps a quick snack between finishing this & getting on with that to do list

Disliking: political games, listening to politicians not answering questions properly & spending way too much time rubbishing their rivals

Opening: washing machines, dishwashers, doing the things that need to be done

Feeling:like I might be a bit sore tomorrow after my gym visit that I mentioned further up in the list (yesterday) 

Snacking: toast with honey

Hearing:the washing machine spinning

Taking stock is an idea that I have taken from Meet me at Mikes and is quite fun to do :)

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