"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

a winter walk

 So, yesterday was part 5 of my exploration of the Parramatta river. We started at Meadowbank & headed away from the harbour down the river towards Parramatta. We walked 15km all up, had lunch in Parramatta Park then headed home on the rivercat. This section of the river isn't as pretty as the parts closer to the harbour- quite brown & muddy but there was plenty to explore... historical buildings, bridges & bats (!) and it was a beautiful mostly sunny (but cool) winter's day.

Click on Parramattariver in the tags below if you would like to see part 1-4 of the river walks. 


  1. The only bats I've ever seen are the little brown ones that hide in dark places during the day and flitter around the sky at night. One day last year, one made its way into my living room, which was pretty exciting. We caught it carefully in a container and released it in a safe place outside. It's amazing to see such large ones, hanging like fruit from the trees in broad daylight!

  2. wow are those all bats hanging there? love these pictures, so wintery