"A good photograph is knowing where to stand" Ansell Adams.

Monday, January 9, 2017

memories, dreams, reflections

In previous years I've posted a bit of a round up of my year, but this year I got as far as making a little collage of photos I've taken in each of the seasons. I guess that's an indication of what my year's been like. Quite a busy & difficult year in some ways but I've certainly had much less time to sort through photos & compose thoughtful, reflective pieces to write here. However 2017 is a new year & I'm ready for it! This morning I've planned our meals for the week & cleaned out the fridge-so that's a good start I think.  

So, if your reading this -Happy new year & I do hope to be posting semi- regularly in 2017. x

Click here for more expansive versions of my memories, dreams, reflections posts from previous years. 


  1. A beautiful selection, Leanne, especially that magnolia! :-)
    I wish you all the most wonderful things in 2017, my friend.

  2. I agree, great selection and here's to 2017 and clean fridges